All through my 20’s, I knew I wanted to run my own business. I would dream about it, write business plans, bore anyone that would listen with my ideas.  And finally, after lots of late nights, I made the leap in January 2000.

Since then I have become a bit addicted to creating new businesses and new brands.  And have created and launched 4 businesses.  

  • Springmedia, a boutique web design agency which created and built websites for forward thinking small businesses.
  • Women Unlimited, a community of over 20,000 entrepreneurs.
  • The School of Marketing, a training and development company for small business owners, focusing on marketing and digital skills.
  • My own consultancy business where I work with small & medium size businesses with their branding & marketing strategy.

Now I do a mixture of things which includes;

  • working as part of the Google Digital Garage team, where I train their trainers on digital marketing skills.
  • mentoring brilliant business owners who are experts in their field to create the business and get the results that they want.
  • consulting with high growth businesses on their branding and marketing.
  • and running digital marketing workshops for small business owners both public and bespoke for clients.



Business Strategy & Marketing Mentor

With so many businesses under my belt, I’ have learned a thing or two about how to build and grow a business.  

Now, I help other small business owners to create the business that they want to work in.  

One that amplifies their unique talents and that they are excited about.

I believe that running your own business should be fun, but a lot of people end up following advice that drags them down rather than lifting them up. And they end up building a business that doesn’t suit them or generate enough revenue. 

I’ve been there myself, so I know how difficult and challenging that can be.

So I now help business owners build successful businesses that they love to work in.  A business that fulfils both their personal and professional goals.

If you’d like to find out more about about my mentoring packages, click here or if you’d like to just pick my brain for an hour, click here.



Digital Marketing Expert

Over the years I have trained thousands of business owners how to use Digital Marketing in their business.

Working with Google

In 2017, I started also working with the Google Digital Garage team speaking at Digital Marketing events.  

I am also one of their lead Digital Marketing trainers specialising in using content marketing, social media, advertising and digital marketing to build and grow their business.

I work with businesses both one to one and run workshops to help them develop these skills in house.

Recently, I have also started training the Google Digital Garage team on both the content and how to deliver their own presentations at Google Pop Ups across the UK.

Digital Marketing Training

I regularly run workshops on a  range of digital marketing topics such as Social Media Strategy, WordPress, Creating Digital Marketing products, Facebook Marketing and lots more.  Sign up to the School of Marketing newsletter if you’d like to be notified about my upcoming workshops.


Women Unlimited

When I launched Women Unlimited, I wanted to create a website that support women on their entrepreneurial journey that had a bit more of an edge to it.  A bit more oomph than what I had seen out there at the time.  A place for women like me.

Our strapline was Inspiration . Motivation . Education and it was pretty damn amazing.  Even now, I wonder how I managed to create such an incredible brand and business.

Between the years of 2008 and 2015, I taught over 5000 female entrepreneurs how to build and grow their businesses with a special focus on marketing.

London’s largest women in business conference

Women Unlimited ran the largest women in business conference in London for 5 years running and featured people such as Maria Miller when she was Culture Secretary, Laura Tenison, the founder of Jo Jo Maman Bebe,  Caroline Lusher, the founder of Rock Choir and many more incredible, inspiring and successful female entrepreneurs.

Strategic partnerships

Women Unlimited had a strong partnership with the British Library where we held events there every month for 4 years and I was a special advisor to the Business and IP Centre .

I built partnerships with many small business and women’s organisations all over the UK and launched 11 business clubs across the UK in one year.

For many women, we were a big part of their support network as they were building and growing their businesses.