Are you ready for a business mentor?

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere … or you are lacking clarity and seeking answers … or you feel like you need someone to bounce ideas off and hold you to account.


Then you are ready to work with a mentor.

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business mentoring
business mentoring for small business

I’m guessing that you are reading this because there is something that you are ready to change in your business.

It could be that you want to get more clients and generate more revenue, get clarity in your business and on your products, overcome overwhelm or you just want a solid plan of action that is going to get you results.

If so, working with a business mentor can help you…

  • get clarity on your products, packages, services and prices so that you feel confident and clear about what you are offering and why someone should work with you
  • put together a marketing plan that feels good, achievable and works to your strengths
  • deal with overwhelm and create systems that will simplify how you work so that everything feels so much easier
  • clean up your marketing messages and sales process so that you start getting the results you deserve
  • champion you and your business and be your accountablity partner so that you always have someone to turn to
  • help you unblock those limiting beliefs and sabotages that are getting in your way

Who I work with

I’m a Marketing, Strategy & Mindset Mentor. I work with Expert Entrepreneurs, Service Professionals, Coaches, and Leaders to help them build and grow a business that they are excited to work in. I help them to get more clients, earn their value and get over their business and mindset blocks.

If you are struggling with your business, I know that can sound like an easy promise to make but I have had some with some pretty astounding results with my clients… you can read some of their stories here.

While they are all experts in their field, the challenge that they all had was that they felt like they needed a way to change how they were working and the results that they were getting, but they didn’t know how to break their old patterns or which direction they should go in.

What type of mentoring are you looking for?

Usually we put together a bespoke plan based on exactly where you are now and where you want to be.
Some ideas on what that might include are listed below.

And don’t worry if you don’t see an exact fit for your needs as we will work out together the best plan for you.

Business Development & Strategy Mentoring

This is my most popular mentoring package.  We work together for 6 months and help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you are looking for a sounding board, good advice, strategies that fit you and  your business, then this is the right package for you.

The content of our sessions will very much depend on the challenges that you face.  I’m not one for one size fits all blueprints and I don’t have a step by step system that promises you the world.

What I do have is a lot of business experience, expertise and ideas that can support your business and your future growth.

Areas we may cover:

  • Business & revenue strategies
  • Defining & Developing your vision & product offering
  • Creating your attraction strategy to get new clients
  • Moving into new markets
  • Your brand positioning 
  • Updating your messaging
  • Putting together a marketing plan that gets you results

Ready to have a chat?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how I work or how I can help you, please click here to book a free strategy call to discuss your options and see if we are a good fit.

Clarity & Focus Mentoring

This mentoring package is all about getting clear on your business.  Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to figure out what is the right way forward.

You feel like you are spinning your wheels and just keep coming back to the same place again and again…. but something is not right and until you figure it out, it’s very difficult to move forward.

Every person and business is unique, but some the things we will cover are:

  • Business Proposition Clarity
  • Your ideal audience and customer
  • Crafting your key messages
  • Your strengths and how to use them
  • Your Products & Services
  • Finding and getting in front of your ideal customers
  • The right Engagement strategy for you
  • The best way for YOU to market your business
  • Branding & positioning improvements
  • Pricing

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ready to talk?

The next step is for you to book a strategy call and we will talk through your challenges and how I can help you achieve your goals