Are you looking for someone to help you with your digital marketing?

It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your business.  There are many balls to juggle from your website, to social media, to email marketing, to video marketing, to blogging to running webinars to building online courses and that’s only the beginning!  

Should you use SEO or pay for adwords? What about facebook ads?  Do they work?  Should you be using email markting? What social media channels should I be using?  

Figuring it all out and then getting the technology sorted can be intimidating and feel like you are entering a black hole.     

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Over the last few years I have taught over 5000 people digital marketing skills to build and grow their business.

After running my own web design agency for 15 years and building a successful community of inspiring and amazing female business owners, I have done pretty much every type of Digital Marketing there is.

This has helped me to build up a huge range of skills, experience and expertise in all of these areas and now I’d like to use them to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Technology can be a huge enabler for your business and really help you get things done faster and easier than ever before.  But getting to that point can feel painful and difficult, particularly if technology is not your thing.

I am constantly amazed by the opportunities that are available online today and would love to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

I believe that Digital Marketing offers businesses a huge opportunity to get new clients, grow your business, out-market your competition when you invest your time and money on the right activities.  

But the trick is to do it the right way.  


Digital Marketing Mentoring

If you book a call, we would discuss your requirements and and what you want to achieve.  

Some of the things you might want to work on include:

  • Which social platforms should you be focusing on
  • What is your key messaging
  • How to improve your website
  • How to brand yourself effectively online
  • Where to find and connect with your audience
  • Types of content that are going to be most effective
  • Choosing the best attraction strategies for your business
  • Tech tools to make content creation easier
  • Putting together your social media system
  • How to make sure you are getting the most from your chosen platforms

You decide what you need and then we build a programme together that will get you the results that you are looking for.

Digital Marketing Support 

These are just a few ways that I can help you.  We can work one to one and I can also train your team,
so that you are able to focus on the activities that you enjoy.

  • Building a strong facebook presence
  • Your social branding
  • Video Coaching so that you have the perfect setup and feel confident talking to camera
  • Putting together your content schedule and setting up your automated social media plan
  • Putting together your content plan and helping you get started
  • Getting more traffic from Google using search engine optimisation
  • Website project supplier selection & project management
  • Helping you get started with your podcast, setting up the tech and creating your podcast graphic
  • Building relationships and making sales via email
  • Building online courses and membership sites
  • Sorting out your lead magnets and what to create
  • Building a blog that people want to read
  • Setting up your marketing funnels so you are capturing all those site visitors
  • Adding metrics and analytics to your site

Case Study & Testimonial

Sarah had already achieved a lot of success with her business, Ginger Public Speaking and had built a strong reputation as one of the leading public speaking training companies in the UK.

However, she wanted to up her game and start to scale up her business

As part of working together we:

  • conducted a social media and website audit.
  • put together a marketing plan for new products and services.
  • initiated a new website build.
  • put together a content plan.
  • reviewed the customer’s path to purchase.
  • reviewed their marketing funnel and identified improvements.
  • developed a lead magnet to optimise the organic traffic that they were already getting.
  • channel and marketing recommendations to increase their pipeline and improve conversions.
  • advice and support on where to get information you need to progress this.
  • basic look at internal systems and processes around technology & workflow.
We worked together over four months developing the new strategy for Ginger, getting the new website designed and developed and implementing the new marketing strategy and materials.
Since then, Ginger Public Speaking has gone from strength to strength as they progress their business.


I came to Julie Hall at a time in my business when Ginger Public Speaking was successful, but I didn’t know how to take it to the next level.

I was aware that there was a huge amount of potential to grow my online business. My knowledge and business skill had run out and I was feeling lost about next steps.

Over four months Julie has worked directly with me to:

  1. Analyse the successes and weaknesses of my business as it stood. We celebrated the good bits and unpicked the strange and unsuccessful bits.
  2. Learn about online best practice. Julie’s knowledge is right at the forefront of everything that’s going on online – and she is incredibly generous at sharing her knowledge. This woman knows her stuff.
  3. Develop strategies that are appropriate for Ginger. Julie combined ‘tough love’ (which was never too tough) with an enthusiastic and enrolling spirit to help me not only develop a new set of strategies, but also to understand how to do the same in the future for myself.
  4. Strengthen my marketing brain. Spending time with Julie is always a highly value adding opportunity to learn about language that sells. As an example, she spent an hour or more talking me through a list of my suggested blog articles and giving me direct feedback as to which would work, which wouldn’t and why. I now feel like I have a marketing brain!
  5. Implement the strategy. It’s overwhelming to find a new direction for the business as that requires new actions, new suppliers and new content. Julie hand held me through my confused state and has shepherded me into a place of clarity and certainty about my next steps.

All in all this has been an incredibly fruitful relationship, which I am confident will add another £50k to my business in the coming couple of years alone. As to the long-term impact, it has been priceless.

I cannot recommend Julie more as a whole hearted, brilliant, experienced and highly knowledgeable expert to take your business to the next step.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes, Founder: Ginger Public Speaking


Results I’ve achieved with digital marketing.

You may be wondering if digital marketing is worth all the effort.  I totally understand.  But when you get it right, digital marketing can massively boost your sales results.

When I was running Women Unlimited, almost all of my sales came from digital marketing.  If I didn’t email, I didn’t sell. 

My business was a combination of digital courses, live courses and events.  But all of the sales came via email. And I built Women Unlimited to 20,000 people almost exclusively via social networks, sharing great content and building a great online network.

Some of the highlights of my digital marketing journey include:

  • Selling over 5000 workshop places.
  • Sending out an email that earned £11,000 in a day.
  • Building a twitter following to 15,000 totally organically.
  • Running an online survey and getting over 950 responses with no advertising (the results of which were published in the FT and Management Today)
  • My first digital marketing course made £17,000
  • Helping one of my clients to get 1500 new email signups in 3 months with no advertising.
  • Helping another client get 500 signups in 3 weeks via advertising.

I share these statistics to not to brag, but to show you a few of the things that are possible when you use digital marketing in your business.  

Next steps 

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