• I just had my VIP Day, to kick off six months mentoring. I knew it would be good but I didn’t anticipate how good or just how practical it would be. We got into the nitty gritty straight away. It’s testament to Julie’s expertise that just the act of talking about my business in so much detail seemed to lighten the mental load and give me a fresh perspective on it, as well as a clear sense of how to move forward. I feel buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm and look forward to what’s to come.

    Naomi Leon Research Roots
  • I have been working with Julie for 5 months now and have been amazed at the results that I have been getting. Since working with her, my revenue has increased 400% and I am now making every week what I had originally hoped to make every month. And the biggest surprise is how easy it has been. I am marketing my business in a way that feels natural and easy for me.

    Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan Relationship Consultant
  • *Updated: After working with Julie for almost a year, I can't believe the difference it has made to my business. Last month I had a £9k week - something I couldn't even have imagined a year ago. Julie is inspirational, challenging, kind and genuinely wants you to win. I am so pleased I found Julie and cannot recommend her enough!

    Dannie-Lu Carr Personal Impact & Creativity Specialist
  • Julie has challenged, motivated and inspired me. Our time together has been productive and packed with ideas, advice and guidance. She's generous with her knowledge and encouragement and comes highly recommended. Since working together, I have managed to increase my email list organically by over 300 people in less than a month.

    Rachel Miller // All Things IC Internal Communications Expert
  • Working with Julie is one of the best decisions I have ever made as an entrepreneur - clarity and focus is crucial when you get lost in the endless possibilities of everything you could be doing - Julie will rapidly help you find exactly the right direction for your unique service and talents.

    Heather Barrett Inspirational Coaching for Exceptional Business Women
  • Wow! One session with Julie and I’m so excited about my business. Julie is so easy to connect with, she really understood my business, my challenges and more importantly how I was blocking myself from taking things to the next level. To my surprise and delight she has shown me how to build my client base with some simple and extremely effective steps. Working with her is like hanging out with a friend, an advocate and a challenger. I would thoroughly recommend her.

    Claire French Bonida Leadership & Team Dynamics
  • I came to Julie Hall at a time in my business when Ginger was successful, but I didn’t know how to take it to the next level. The problem was that I was a blockage. My knowledge and business skill had run out and I was feeling lost about next steps. Enter Julie Hall! As someone who has built more than one successful business, Julie was someone who I admire and felt like an obvious choice to help me on my way. I cannot recommend Julie more as a whole hearted, brilliant, experienced and highly knowledgeable expert to take your business to the next step.

    Sarah Lloyd Hughes Ginger Public Speaking
  • I worked with Julie at a time when I was looking to raise my visibility as a mentor to therapists and grow my community. I was overwhelmed & I needed help. I’m pretty amazed at just how much was created on our strategy day. Julie continued to support me through the implementation in more ways than I could have hoped Julie is so knowledgeable and practical and yet she really cares. I can’t recommend her highly enough – she is amazing!

    Cathy Simmons Therapy Business Academy
  • I've worked with Julie for the past year and have watched my business, and my confidence, grow in leaps and bounds as a direct result. The value of having someone in your corner who will provide the insight to help you streamline, sense check or accelerate and who at times provides the tough love needed to keep showing up when it would be easier to quit is immeasurable. The results are - and continue to be - everything I could have hoped for but never quite expected to happen.

    Teresa Mitrovic TM & Co // High Performing Teams
  • I have been working with Julie for only three months so far. In these three months I have began to completely turn my business and mindset around, have set some very exciting new strategies and goals, and more importantly have generated over £10K in income. Thank you so much!

    Dannie Lu Carr Personal Impact & Creativity Specialist