The Top 5 Business Books I recommend to my clients

I love to read.  A lot.  This has translated into a very expensive Kindle addiction that I’m trying to break, but that’s another story…

Sadly, I don’t seem to have enough time to read as much as I like, so what I do now is usually buy the book to listen to on Audible, while I’m walking my crazy Spaniel and if I particularly love the book, I end up buying the book on Amazon as well.

My Kindle is full of books that I’ve bought and never read, but it is also full of lots of gems. The books below are a few of my favourites, they are not necessarily the latest books on the market, but they are the books that I most often recommend to my clients.

I have to admit it was very difficult to whittle it down to 5!

KNOWN The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age by Mark Schaefer

I first listened to Known as I was walking my dog over Epsom Downs and there were so many nuggets and gems inside this book that I couldn’t keep up.

So, I decided to buy the book as well so that I could review it easily (one of the downsides of audiobooks is that it’s difficult to go back and review things). In Known, Mark shares his strategies on how to become the go-to person in your field.

It takes time, commitment and focus to become a known leader in your industry, but Mark shares some really practical tips and strategies to help you get there.  There is very little fluff in this book.

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Never Split the Difference  Negotiating as if your life depended on it by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

This is a fascinating book on how to negotiate written by an FBI negotiator who then went on to teach his methods at Harvard Business School.

The book makes for some very compelling reading, but the strategies that he shares are very useful and usable in business.

The author does position himself very much as the hero of the story, but if you can get past that, there are some brilliant strategies in here that will transform the way that you negotiate and help you to get the price that you want for your products and services.

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The Universe Has Your Back Transform Fear into Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein

Not strictly a business book but worth reading if you are feeling low in your business or your life.

I first bought this book back in 2016 and then didn’t read it but then one of my mentoring clients showed me that she was reading it and I took that as a sign that I should pick it up again and I am so glad that I did.

This is a book on spirituality, which may not be for everyone, but at a time when I was feeling very low, it gave me just the messages that I needed when I needed them.

If there is an element of your life about which you are carrying a lot of fear, this book is transformational and could be just the thing that you need to help you move forward.

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She Means Business Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur by Carrie Green

Carrie came onto the scene with her business The Female Entrepreneur Association back in 2011. Her story is incredibly inspirational.  I know Carrie personally and have found that she is genuine in everything that she does.  She grew her business primarily by adding lots of value on Facebook.

One of the things that I particularly liked about her book is how open she is about the challenges that she faced when creating her business.

The journey to building a successful business can be a lonely one, and believing in yourself and your vision is crucial.

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Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? Olympic-winning strategies for everyday success by Ben Hunt Davis and Hannah Beveridge

I loved this book.  It was both incredibly inspirational and had lots of useful insights on how to achieve a seemingly impossible goal.

The question “Will it make the boat go faster”was what the author’s coach asked of him and his team mates as they prepared for the Sydney 2000 Olympics where they went from not really being contenders to becoming victors.

The stories were inspirational and the advice relevent whether you are working by yourself or as part of a team.

Having a clear goal, focus and committment are key to achieving the success that you aspire to and Ben and Hannah’s book will give you lots of ideas on what you need to take you there.

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